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battery powered

what’s important...

most of our interior blinds can be powered with a somfy wirefree™ motor. the motor is installed out of sight in the headrail at the top of the blind or inside the roller tube and the battery wand is hidden behind the headrail or tube.

whats really important...

a wirefree™ powered blind can be installed very quickly, just like a manual shade or blind. no electrical connections are needed so no electrician to pay and no wires to hide.

the innovation that changes everything...

low-consumption motors, a somfy-exclusive patent means that a somfy wirefree™ motor consumes only the amount of energy that is strictly necessary therefore optimising battery lifespan. the optional reloadable battery wand allows you to change the batteries when they do finally reach the end of their life but whats even better is the rechargable wand can be 'topped up' by incorporating the optional solar pack. this innovative system adds a small solar panel behind the blind which keeps the rechargable battery wand fully charged all year round!

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